Had Gadya in Judeo-Italian
and Shuadit

Scripts, Religion, and Ideology

Judeo-Provencal in Southern France

Dieudonné and Netanyahu

Tribute to Franklin Horowitz


Religion and Taboo in Lason Hakodesh

Judeo-Romance Languages

Stability and Instability among
Jewish Languages and Alphabets

The Hebrew Component
in Judeo-Provencal

The Hebrew Component
in Judeo-Italian

The Seventh Month

Jonah, Colombo, and Related Names

From Judeo-Provençal to
Judeo-Piedmontese and Western Yiddish

The You-Guysing of America (1980)

Another View of You Guys (1983)

My Love Affair With Languages

Bilingualism and Dialect Mixture Among Lubavitcher Hasidic Children

Parallel Developments:
Judeo-Italian and Xiao’erjing
(Mandarin of Chinese Muslims)

Judeo-Italian: Italian Dialect
or Jewish Language?

Everybody Likes Pizza Doesn't
He or She?

...Who Made Me a Woman

Acceptable but not Grammatical

Farms, Cattle, Linguistics, and Me

Sacred Texts and Standardization:
The Example of Judeo Italian

Wrestling with God
Fear and Fearlessness in Jewish Languages

The Absence of Northern Features in the
Judeo-Italian of Lombardy and Emilia

Ladino Lives

Yiddish? Why Don't We Speak

The Importance of Judeo-Provençal
for the Study of Jewish Languages

Western Yiddish in Orange County,
New York State

Primo Levi, Linguist

Politically Hypercorrect:
The Pronoun he or she
with Plural Antecedents

Noam Chomsky: Extremist
of the Left and Right

Chomsky and His Enemies

The Relationship of Yiddish
to Other Jewish Languages

Becoming Frum:
How Newcomers Learn the
Language and Culture of
Orthodox Judaism

By Sarah Bunin Benor

Vernacular Voices:
Language and Identity in
Medieval French Communities

By Kirsten Fudeman

History of the Yiddish Language
By Max Weinreich

Resurrecting Hebrew
By Ilan Stavans

The Blank Slate:
The Modern Denial of Human Nature

By Steven Pinker

Born to Kvetch:
Yiddish Language and Culture
in All of Its Moods

By Michael Wex